Biodegradable Dinerware
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Areca Leaf plates are commonly known as Areca Palm Leaf plates OR Palm leaf plates OR Biodegradable Dinnerware OR Food Safe Dinnerware. We are the exporter of Biodegradable dinnerware including Plates, Bowls, Cups, Spoons, knife & fork, Straws of Paper etc
Our dinnerware is made from food safe material. We follow all the procedure for making these products food Safe & best quality. We folow all the quality checkduring the manufacturing, Packaging & before the final dispatch process. We provide customized shrink packaging & Private labels too
To provide Best Quality Dinnerware with the best price is our motto. Please contact us for the Detailed price, shipping charges & Import duty for your country 

Plates : Round Plates | Square Plates | Compartment Plates

Bowls : Round Bowls | Square Bowls 
Platters : Small | Medium | Large 
Spoons | Fork & |  knife
100% Natural Areca Leaf

- 100% natural- chemical, bleach and toxin free
- 100% bio-degradable and home compostable
- Microwave and freezer safe
- Oil, leak, heat, and cut resistant
- Lightweight yet very strong
- Each piece is unique due to the natural grain, color and texture of the palm leaf it's made from
- No trees are cut to make our dinnerware
- it is a truly sustainable alternate