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Ready in : 5 Minutes
Quantity : 2 Servings

- No Preservative, 100% Natural & NO MSG

- Hygenically Prepared

- Oil Free, Nutritious & Tasty

- Affordable Price & Time Saving 

Plesant flavour & aroma 

- Light weight & easy to carry

Shelf Life : 12 Months

- Dal Makhni        

- Rajma Chawal   

- Paneer Bhurji   

- Pav Bhaji            

- Gajar ka halwa   

- Gujarati Dal Rice & Other             Product

The traditional Indian food has gathered a huge fan base across the globe. Specially appriciated for its fabulous use of herbs & spices. With all the exotic ingredients. toungue tingling flavoursand unfamiliar dishes. Indian cusine can be both exciting and intimidating. We bought vivid varitied of Ready to Eat food products which are easy to make.